The Team




Who is this remarkable ice cream maker sneaking a scoop in the fridge??? It's Alyssa! An unassuming team member who packs a punch! She's a soccer playing mom who has an affinity for the late singer Prince. Her middle name is Rain oh not because of the weather but in honor of Purple Rain. Her super power is clumsiness which comes in handy when protecting the guests of ICR from the bad guys who want to bring the world down. A trip or a spill can really help! To cope with Mufasa's death scene in The Lion King she makes sure to have ICR's Cookie n' Cream right by her side. When you are down in Bali you might run into her taking a break on the amazing beaches soaking in the sun. This is Alyssa...she loves her son, people and spaghetti squash with meat sauce! And ICR loves having her on the team!


This thick red mane and scooper extraordinaire means business when it comes to scooping. Daniel has done it all: riding his bike from Vancouver to Somewhereville, California to teaching snowboarding lessons and going backpacking. When he is lost in the wilderness he scares the Bears away by burping on command! When he's not adventuring inside or outside of ICR one can find him laying in a hammock wherever he wants to because he's Daniel! Daniel lives on the wild side and it shows because his favorite ICR flavor is the awesomeness of Maple Bacon Bourbon! Come on in and say hi to this man's man, to this veteran ice cream scooper, to this Pad Thai loving Vancouverite, to this...well you get the idea! Daniel is great and he's ready to serve you up your favorite ice cream!


Hello??? Can you here me??? The selfie taking, smooth talking Trevor is ready to answer the call of serving you! His place of birth is from the far off land of Clackamas, OR. So, why is this ice cream artist so great? Trevor not only scoops ice cream, but has saved a cat from a tree! Oh yeah, he climbed that fifty foot (or five foot) tree to get that cat down. He is a Real. Life. Hero. 
If he can meet with anyone from history he would share a meal with Leonardo da Vinci…which we would welcome here at Ice Cream Renaissance, because we’ve been searching for da Vinci’s ice cream recipes for years! YEARS!!! When Trevor is not eating our Blueberry Pancake ice cream he is eating Texas Style BBQ and Corn Bread while watching Forest Gump. So give Trevor a call because he makes everyone who visits ICR as comforting as someone sitting next to Forest, Forest Gump on a park bench.


Is Nicole upside down or is it you? This kind ice cream artist with incredible acrobatic skill will make sure your experience at our shop is fantastic! Her hobbies are hiking and snowboarding and inhaling food especially sloppy, sloppy joe’s with her hero Steven Tyler! Nicole’s love for the Jungle Book has given her a thirst or a hunger or a longing or all three for adventure, which takes her to far off places like Portland and Costa Rica. One day she will be taking pictures of tribes, alligators and watching the mating habits of zebras for National Geographic. Whether she’s out adventuring or hammocking she makes sure to have ICR’s Root Beer Float or Honey Lavender flavors as her bear necessities of life.  Come on in and let Nicole serve you and you will know why people sing, “Oobee doo! I wanna be like you-oo-oo, I wanna walk like you, scoop like you, ooooo!


Who is this stoic young man? He is more than a man and his rubber ducky. He is more than a twin. He is Jarod, with an “O”. The logical, respectable young man who shares with us his ice cream artist ability with us when he is not studying, whatever it is he is studying, at Notre Dame. Like Rudy, he is impressive, hard working, and has played Samwise Gamgees in Lord of the Rings. He uses his super power of super speed to give ICR guests super service. Jarod loves to tell stories like the time he enjoyed ICR’s ChocoNana Chip with baseball legend Jackie Robinson. (Which I don’t think actually happened.) However, he will one day use his story telling talents as a film director at Disney Animation in hopes to make memorable movies like one of his favorites, Finding Nemo. When he is not serving the guests of ICR he is playing his guitar, hiking and cycling all at the same time. So come by and catch Jarod before he’s gone and let him create a memorable story for you.


The youngest member of the team. What he lacks in age Trenton makes up by being one of the friendliest. Home grown in Vancouver he likes to keep it chill by using his super power of scooping ice cream really fast, to enjoy his favorite meal of ice cream at his location of choice—Iceland…home of the puffin. One day he hopes to be the Triple Threat—yes that’s right—the Triple Threat: Ice Cream Shop Owner,  Pilot, and Comedian. The combo is unstoppable. He would like to try his jokes on Vincent Van Gough while they eat a scoop of ICR’s ChocTato Chips, and then watch the classic Anchorman. If you can make Van Gough laugh, you can make anyone laugh. Trenton will keep the guests of ICR smiling as he delivers them their favorite dessert and maybe share a joke or two.


How does one describe Mark? A) Dapper B) Baller C) Singer or D) All of the Above? The Answer is D! A man who has the power to stop time which helps him on the court in order to dunk on his opponent, and also to give our guests more time to enjoy their experience at ICR.  He gets this power from eating Quesadillas…some weird chemical reaction or whatever…it’s science! If Mark could hang out with anyone from history, he would like to break bread with Jesus, and hopefully Jesus would multiply his favorite ICR flavor, Grasshopper, so he will never run out. One day you may see Mark on the basketball court and in the music studio.  Like Shaq the basketball “rapper” but with superior musical ability and paralleled basketball skills. He will use his royalties to travel to every place in Europe…Every. Single. Spot. Even Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hurry up before the EU crashes! (what? too political???). Come on in and let Mark make you a latte that’s a slam dunk and an sundae that will be like a sweet melody.


She has needed ice cream ever since she was born to cool her off from the hot weather of Gilbert, Arizona! This is Taylor who one day hopes to explore the ocean as a Marine Biologist. However, her love for adventure has already started. She has traveled to Thailand and hopes to explore Patagonia, Greece, and Everywhere. When she is eating she loves artichokes and ice cream and artichoke ice cream. The ICR flavor she prefers most is the vegan Cookielicious. Her super power of detachable limbs comes in handy when she needs to sneak through tight spots while hiking or attack a bad guy on the streets, but we ask her to not do it in the shop because we don’t want people to toss their cookies, especiallyif they are from our Cookies n’ Cream. Come on in and let Taylor make you an adventurous dessert.


Peace, love, ice cream, and bananas! Kylin is our free spirit, fun loving, ice cream artist.  She’s had a bent towards the cold due to the fact she hails from Juneau, Alaska. This self-proclaimed hippy loves skiing and scooping ice cream, and she is most popular on the mountain when she scoops the ice cream while she’s skiing. However, it might be hard to find her due to her skills of shapeshifting, which comes in handy when one is trying to fight the bad mojo out in the world or when she is performing her street act. Watch out! If she can have a meal with anyone from history, she would love to share a burger and fries and some ICR Choctato Chips with Janis Joplin, and then they would bust out in a duet of Me and Bobby McGee. Be kind to Kylin when you come into ICR because one day she will be a flight nurse, and you never know, she may save your life. So come on in and enjoy the good vibes of Kylin and let her make you a fantastic dessert that is not only good enough for any one of our guest but good enough for me and my Bobby McGee!


Making our delicious waffle cones can be painful, but knowing Zach is not. This young man has the ability to speak like Kermit the Frog and knows that it is not easy being green…he thinks it is just an ordinary thing. Zach is beyond ordinary. He has never broken a bone due to the fact he feeds himself mouthfuls of ice cream to get that needed calcium especially with the help of ICR’s Nutella or Cookies n’ Cream. He would love to eat Mac and Cheese and French Fries with FDR. It would be a day which will not live in infamy but dignity. One day you might see Zach as a professional comedian or athlete or maybe an Athletic Comedian! or a Comedian Athlete! Come on in and make the Rainbow Connection with Zach and let him create an artisan dessert that will be beyond ordinary.


Aloha Lindsay! We are lucky to have her join us when she comes back from her time in Honolulu. What many people don’t know about Lindsay is that she can shape shift into different animals. This gives our artists inspiration for our Indecisions and also gives her an excuse to eat dog food, cat food, and hay. Lindsay loves the wild side of life, and it shows by her love for the ICR flavor of Spicy ManGoat. Of course she eats it after she has had her grilled asparagus and smoked salmon, which she catches when she changes into a bear! When Lindsay isn’t brightening up ICR she is out enjoying life by playing soccer during the spring and summer and snowboarding wherever she can find snow. Watch out because when the music is playing she is out bustin’ a move especially to the song, “Bust a Move”.  So bust a move right over to ICR and let the excited, playful, and squishy nosed Lindsay scoop you up some fun! Mahalo Lindsay for all your great work.


He can shoot webs out of his hands and toes, he can stop a soccer ball from entering his goal, and he has never read an entire book! I guess those Dr. Seuss books are just too darn boring. It’s Sam I am and he is our passionate, playful ice cream artist. He is a man of many talents including playing the guitar and doing graphic design. Sam does not eat those green eggs in ham but his favorite meal is Borscht Soup and Vareniki with kartoshka…if you haven’t heard of these, that’s okay we haven’t either. If you have, you know how good they are and for that we are jealous of you! If Sam can eat ice cream with anyone it would be Ray Charles and he would bring his top three flavors in this order #1 Churro, #2 S’mores and #3 Honey Vanilla. His web slinging ability helps him get around the shop fast, and lets him get great shots with his camera to capture the moments of ICR. One day Sam will be the Sports Marketer for the Timbers where he can combine his love for soccer and graphic design. Come on in before Sam uses his soccer and web slinging skills at college and he will make your experience more fun than those darn books!


Straight from Hudson’s Bay High School is Joey. A young man who loves his family and loves basketball. It is good he is a part of the team at ICR because he loves sweets and one has a hard time not finding sweets at the ICR homestead. What most people don’t know about Joey is that he can spawn food which will come in handy if he got a chance to meet up with George Washington. Maybe he can spawn cherries, since Washington chopped down the tree. Thanks a lot George! However, hopefully President Washington likes Bacon Cheeseburgers because those are Joey’s favorite. Joey doesn’t mind getting in touch with his sensitive side, due to the fact he loves Titanic. He makes sure there is ICR’s Cookies N’  Cream and Grasshopper next to him to help him get through the sinking ship scene…whoops spoiler alert! Near, far, wherever you are, Joey will be waiting to serve you at ICR…he will never let go…honestly you have to pry that waffle cone out of his hand.