mt. st. helens

Massive boulders (walnuts) lie at the base of a Honey Vanilla ice cream peak that is dusted with volcanic ash (cocoa) and erupting with molten lava (raspberry sauce).

$5.50 small
$7.50 large

Guilt free

Yes, you CAN eat ice cream and not feel guilty. Enjoy three tiny scoops of ice cream with one cookie or substitute the cookie for one more scoop.


officer’s row

A simple yet elegant ice cream sampler. Casually make your way down a street lined with mounds of ice cream while enjoying this fine dessert.

Lt. Grant (3 flavors)/$5.00
Col. Bonneville (5 flavors)/$6.50
Gen. Anderson (7 flavors)/$8.00



Having trouble making up your mind? Stop stressing and let our Ice Cream Artists design and ice cream creation just
for you. CAUTION: This dish is up to the Ice Cream Artist's dishcreation. It is always a surprise and always delicious!


dr. chocolate

Having a bad day? Make an appointment with the Doctor. A prescription of Old Fashion Milk Chocolate and Bittersweet Chocolate Love Affair nestled under hot fudge, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, & baby M&M’s served alongside a chewy chocolate chip cookie is sure to melt your blues away.

$5.00 small
$6.50 large


Welcome to the garden of dairy delights. Large scoops of ice cream dripping in whipped cream and your choice of five toppings on the side. This may be too much for one person, but you can try!

9 scoops/$20
12 scoops/$30


Scoops of heavenly Honey Vanilla swimming in a glass of cool Orange Soda. Who needs the ice cream man when you’ve got this?

Orange Crush/$5.00
Henry Weinhard’s/$5.50


Scoops of Honey Vanilla swirling in a dark sea of Root Beer. May the froth be with you.

Henry Weihard’s/$5.50